Who Was Wendy?

She was an extremely complex, multi-dimensional woman with a kind, generous heart and an unbelievable sense of humor;  She was adventurous, she was spiritual; always searching, reaching, learning. She was fiercely patriotic, staunchly Republican; both stubborn and idealistic. She had high expectations—of herself, others, and even of life.  She had dreams, hopes and aspirations and so was frequently disappointed when those expectations weren’t met.  She was a true romantic, in every sense of the word.  She was an extremely gifted wordsmith—in prose, or in poetry, she expressed herself with clarity and passion.  She loved country western music, fondues and cemeteries, Dick Van Dyke, chocolate martinis and pistachios, true crime books, and garage sales. She loved the irreverence of silliness, the wacky and the absurd. She loved to laugh, and one couldn’t help but join in. Because of her astrological studies, we all knew when to watch for the dreaded Mercury going retrograde….  She adored being by the water and loved to fish. Often, when faced with decisions that were difficult, she would go to the water, and think. She was not afraid to tackle anything—whether it was wall papering a nursery when 8 ½ months pregnant, or going back to school to pursue a life long dream of becoming a funeral director in her mid 40’s…..she was up for the challenge, frequently even surprising herself.  Her most treasured life’s accomplishment were her two children, whom she loved more than life itself, and if you were fortunate enough to be counted as one of her loved ones, than you know she loved with every fiber of her being.

In Loving Memory

Wendy Reader

1951 - 2005

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Our world was a much better place for having had her presence and so much lonelier without her... Who can look at a penguin, a gnome or a mouse and not smile in remembrance? She left us far too soon, far too suddenly but she left us with a treasure chest, full of rich memories... memories that will always remind us how special she was, and the impact she had on our lives.


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